Huaibei won the title of "National Water-saving City"

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Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) jointly released the Announcement on the Naming of the Tenth Batch of National Water-Saving Cities (2020), where Huaibei made the list.

Since the establishment of National Water-saving City in 2018, Huaibei has taken urban water conservation as an important task, broken down the goals and tasks, strictly controlled the time nodes, forged ahead steadily the implementation of targets, made orderly progress in the establishment as planned and achieved phased results.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the establishment, Huaibei has actively improved the working mechanism and made efforts to create a new model for urban water conservation with Huaibei characteristics. Huaibei Municipal Government has set up the Headquarters for Building a National Water-saving City, formulated the Implementation Plan for Building a National Water-saving City in Huaibei City, and broken down more than 100 specific tasks and clearly defined responsibilities around 25 items in 3 aspects of the evaluation standards, thus forming a good atmosphere of departmental linkage and joint management.

During the establishment, Huaibei has always adhered to the requirements of "positioning from high starting point, advancing at high standard and management with high quality", and done well in basic work for urban water conservation. Headed by the mayor, Huaibei Headquarters for Building a National Water-saving City has been set up to start the work of building a national water-saving city in a systematic way. In 2019, Huaibei Office for Urban Water Conservation was established to take charge of urban water conservation management, including planning water use and creating water-saving carriers.

In recent years, Huaibei has prepared the Special Plan for Urban Water Conservation in Huaibei City, and issued successively a series of rules and regulations including the Measures on Management of Urban Water Conservation in Huaibei City, thereby providing scientific basis and policy support for comprehensive water conservation and promoting the continuous improvement of urban water conservation management. In June 2019, Anhui Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission and other departments jointly issued a document, stating Huaibei passed the evaluation successfully, and became a "Water-saving City in Anhui Province".

In October 2020, the expert evaluation group for National Water-saving City examined the establishment of Huaibei City on scene. After the preliminary review by experts, on-site examination, comprehensive evaluation and publicity, Huaibei was officially named as a National Water-saving City.

Next, Huaibei will firmly establish the concept that "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", give priority to water conservation, enhance the water management, and comprehensively deepen the construction of a water-saving city, so that thousands of households will benefit from the achievements of water ecological civilization, and strive to create a bright future of high-quality development in Huaibei City.


Reporter: Zou Chenguang; Correspondent: Li Hui


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